1. How to stretch shoes the right way

    How to stretch shoes the right way

    How to Stretch Shoes

    First and foremost, the correct way to stretch shoes is SLOWLY - days not hours. It should not be done by brute force over a short time period as you will most likely damage the shoes - either by stretching too hard too fast or by ripping the leather or stitching.

    Firstly, why do you need to stretch your shoes and where. More often than not shoes will 'give' in time through natural wearing. You should really try to wear your shoes in gently...

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  2. You and your shoe size

    Your "Correct" Shoe Size

    There are several factors that affect the size of your feet and why they may not be the size you think you are.

    This is not constrained to the following, but is a good start.

    1. The tool you used to measure your feet - and the scale
    2. The Manufacturer of the shoes you wear
    3. The style of the shoes you wear
    4. Age
    5. Weight
    6. Time of Day
    7. Other health matters


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  3. Why Use Shoe Trees?

    Why use Shoe Trees


    Shoe trees are an essential part of looking after shoes and keeping them in good condition - making them last longer.


    1. They help the shoes dry out
    2. They help reform the shoe
    3. They help straighten out creases

    Your feet are one of the sweatiest parts of the body and a lot of moisture ends up in the leather. The shoe also form a curve shape through use and creases at the bottom of the arch with...

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