Reward Scheme - Earn points

Earn 'Reward points' - Loyalty Scheme

Earn Points to use as extra discounts when you buy from us.

Make sure you are logged in before sharing/referring/reviewing otherwise the system cannot award points to your account!

It is really easy. Create an account on our site (you probably already have). Make sure you are logged in - look for the menu 'Reward Points' in your account. This shows your points and history. Refer friends from your account, or browse any of our products and click the buttons above the picture to share. Write reviews, buy stuff. Watch your points accumulate - spend them to get discounts. 

Ways to Earn Points

 • Buy our products. For Every £20 you spend you will earn 10 points.
 • Share/Recommend our website with friends. You can do this by logging in, go the the My reward section in your account. Refer friends. You earn points for those who create an account and also points for those who then go on to buy. Refer a friend for 10 points and if he buys earn 20. Max 5 refers per day.
 • Share products / pictures on Pinterest  - earn 10 points - limited per day
 • Share products or like us on Facebook abd earn 10 points (limited per day)
 • Write product reviews and earn 20 points. Please make it about the product and 'fair' nb if you have issues with products contact customer services first!

NB there is a cap on how many points you can earn in a day

How To spend points

Make sure you are logged in and use your points at checkout.

Spending points is limited to up to 25% of the value of the order

What is a point Worth?

A point is worth 5p. So recommending a friend who creates and account is worth 50p ! Spending £20 on products will earn 10 points (50p)

Points Expire

Points do expire and you will get an email prior to that happening.